How to Care For Your Nails

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How to Care For Your Nails

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Before we get into caring for nails, let us talk about a major issues in that field, nail fungus. Anybody with nail fungus is in pain and is embarrassed. The only proven permanent cure to it is ZetaClear. You can get it from its official website. ZetaClear is a homeopathic solution with all natural ingredients and no side effects. The tea tree oil present in ZetaClear is very much effective against curing nail fungus.

Prevention is always better than cure, so let us read how to take care of our nails to keep them safe from fungus or any other damage.

You should carry out few simple procedures every day: wash your feet and remove dirt from under nails. It is better to make it in the evening time. It is necessary to use medicative herbs for washing feet. If you do not have time to prepare herbs, wash feet with soap under flowing water. Use a special bone or wooden rake to remove dirt from under nails. It is important not to harm pad from internal nail surface.

Toe nails should be cut different way than we usually do with finger nails. Toe nails cut line should look like a straight line, but not round. Nail file manipulations should be done from a side to a center area of a nail, you can break its horny substance doing other way and nail will crumble.

If the purpose is to get rid of a yellow and dark nails color, it is necessary to moisten them periodically with lemon juice or to do feet baths, using 2 table spoons of a lemon juice in one liter of water. To make nails flat and strong, it is useful to prepare salt baths – one hundred grams of salt (sea-salt if it’s possible) with one liter of water.

Healthy Food Diet Should Include:

– Vitamin A (strengthens nails, contains in a liver, oil, vegetables, tomatoes, carrots);

– Vitamin E (it is an antioxidant, contained in vegetable oil and sunflower seeds);

– Vitamin B group (increasing nail growth, contained in cabbage, yeast, the sprouted wheat grains);

– Iodine (accelerates nails growth, contained in sea kale, spinach);

– Silicon (for nails elasticity and durability, contained in vegetables);

– Calcium (strengthens nails, makes them harder, contained in milk products);

– Iron (required for nail plate structure);

– Sulfur (prevents inflammatory processes, it is important for nail formation, contained in cabbage, onions, cucumbers);

Using all foodstuff we were talking above, and caring your nails with described methods, you will become the owner of a beautiful, and, even more important, healthy nails!

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